Llandilo Rural Fire Brigade Honoured


The Llandilo Rural Fire Brigade
recently stood in the spotlight of
recognition, as they received the
NSW RFS Commissioners Certificate
of Commendation at the St Florians
Day Awards Ceremony. Captain Josh
Gow and Deputy Captain Christopher
Ellul accepted the award on behalf of
the brigade at the NSWRFS training
academy in Dubbo on Saturday the 4th
of May 2024.
The prestigious award was bestowed
upon the Llandilo Brigade for their
‘Operation Sunshine’ initiative, in
support of a community member and
their family during a time of great need.
The brigade rallied together to uplift
10-year-old Nicola, who was battling an
inoperable brain tumour, and her family.
The brigade organised a memorable
night filled with activities for Nicola and
her brother and provided them with
their very own uniforms.
“For me as Captain, it was good to
have my team recognised for going
above and beyond all aspects of
being a member of the NSWRFS,” said
Captain Josh Gow. “I know for a fact
none of us expected to be recognised
for our efforts, as we didn’t do it for
the recognition, we did it for Nicola
and her family.” He also emphasised
the meaningful relationships that were
formed through this endeavour, turning
strangers into lifelong friends.
“Since the event, the members have
gone above and beyond their duties as
volunteers by offering ongoing support
to Nicola and her family, including
offers to make meals for them and buy
groceries, and mowing the family’s
lawn, all so the family can spend more
time with Nicola,” Captain Gow said.
Looking ahead, the Llandilo Brigade
is gearing up for future challenges,
with a focus on their cadet program.
After achieving second place in the
National Championships last year, they
are determined to bring home the firstplace
trophy in the future.
The award is a testament to
the compassion, dedication, and
community spirit embodied by the
Llandilo Rural Fire Brigade, reflecting
their commitment to serving and
supporting their community in times of

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