2773 Glenbrook Celebrates 10 Years


It seems crazy to be talking about 2773 in Glenbrook being around for 10 years! The much loved local café recently celebrated a decade of business.

“I guess that the success of a business can be defined by many things, but we think that longevity and the way that 2773 has been embraced is remarkable. It is something that we have never, nor ever will take for granted, so reaching a milestone like 10 years is something that we are really proud of and grateful for” said Shane and Belinda Simpson of 2773 Glenbrook.

In early 2013, they were made aware that the former Café Mash was for sale.

“Our businesses (Billy Baxter’s, My Café and Mr Brightside) prior to this all operated in Westfield. So, the opportunity to be part of a real community, in a beautiful little village with a cottage, lawns, greenspace and locals was impossible to resist” they explained.

There was no blueprint, and they just tried to imagine what a local café hub might look like. What would the locals want?

“We decided on the name 2773 to reflect this, and to allow the community to feel ownership. We felt that the name had to be identifiable and unique to Glenbrook, and our customers really embraced the concept”.

Never in their wildest dreams did they expect it to be the destination that it is today.

“There have been so many changes, so many tweaks, so many visits. There have also been enormous challenges (who’ll ever forget the lockdowns). Glenbrook has changed so much in the last 10 years. It is now a bustling village with a diverse offering of food, coffee, specialty retail and services, with a confidence reflected by visitors and operators alike, and we love being a part of it” Shane and Belinda replied.

“We would sincerely like to thank everybody that has visited us, whether it be once or hundreds of times. We have met some amazing people and your loyalty to our businesses means the world to us.

“To the hundreds of staff members that have passed through – thank you for your contributions. To our current staff (across all venues) – thank you so much. You make 2773 what it is and hopefully what it continues to be.

“Exciting to think of what’s in store, moving forward. We will continue to evolve, and there’ll be plenty more challenges, but one thing is for certain – we’re looking forward to the next 10 years of being your ‘go to’ place” they ended.

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