Oran Park Hotel Plans First Stage Soft Opening Mid-Year


After construction began in late 2021, the new Oran Park Hotel is scheduled to finally open its doors within a few months. The anticipation for this new venue has grown as we’ve watched the site transform into what will be one of the largest hospitality venues in Sydney.

Opening in two stages, the main ground floor will open mid-year, in a “soft opening”, while the upper levels will open in the months following that.

The Hotel’s creators are looking to provide a venue for the community, a “space for people to meet, dine, and make memories”.

The Hotel will contain many dining options, including the traditional pub favourites in the main bistro, as well as burgers and pizzas. The “Papi’s Pizza” pizzeria will be your go-to spot for delicious oven-fired pizzas with both traditional and arti
sanal toppings.

At the vibrant outdoor rooftop bar, “Jinja”, visitors and their guests will find a full bar, including cocktails both old and the new Oran Park Hotel signature drinks. The Jinja will also house a traditional dumpling house offering authentic handmade dumplings.

The indoor and outdoor spaces will cater for all occasions, including weddings and all other formal events. The sports bar will be equipped with multiple screens, a place where you can also spend time with friends playing pool and darts.

In addition to these spaces, there will be plenty of family friendly entertainment options, including two boutique cinemas and an indoor soft play equipment area for the children.

While in the pre-opening phase, crucial staffing positions have been successfully filled, but now that they are getting closer to opening day, the search is now on for passionate staff to join the team for the first stage of opening. Emily Sedgman, the Marketing and Events Manager, says they’re looking to fill many full-time, part-time, and casual roles across all areas of the venue, including chefs, bartenders, gaming attendants, back-of- house and front of house positions.

“Stay informed about our recruitment process by following our updates on Facebook, Instagram and our website”, she says.

“We’re eager to welcome dedicated hospitality professionals with diverse experience levels to contribute to the success of the Oran Park Hotel.”

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