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Celebrating Vet Nurse Day


Recently the team at Orchard Hills Veterinary Hospital celebrated Vet Nurse Day. This annual event marks an important day for the veterinary industry and general public to acknowledge the vital role that vet nurses play within the veterinary team.

The day was celebrated with a staff lunch, lots of gifts and flowers and of course everyone’s favourite, Subway cookies !

Our veterinary nurses entered the profession because they love animals – but nursing is a whole lot more than just cuddling cute puppies and kittens. Our experienced nurses are knowledgeable, technically skilled, compassionate and willing to assist whenever an animal, or client, requires help.

Here’s a list of a few of the tasks that a veterinary nurse will regularly have to perform in a single day!

Anaesthesia- Veterinary nurses will gently restrain animals in order to place intravenous catheters and, if required, collect blood samples for pre-anaesthetic health testing. They will calm and restrain a patient whilst they are being anaesthetised and then will capably monitor parameters, such as heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure, reflexes and body temperature to ensure that the patient experiences a safe anaesthetic.

Patient Care – When animal patients stay in hospital, it is our experienced nurses who will perform ongoing checks on them throughout the day (between assessments by our vets), ensuring that they are provided with all the care and cuddles that is needed.

Diagnostic Procedures – Our nurses are proficient in running in-clinic laboratory tests, including blood tests, urine tests and faecal analysis. This allows us to diagnose many common health conditions on site, so we can start prompt treatment for our patients.

Assisting Our Vets – Last but not least, our nurses provide valuable support to our vets, providing hands-on assistance during important medical, surgical and imaging procedures. They also look after the ‘pet parents’ who may be worried for their fur-baby.

Our nurses are of vital importance in achieving our goal of high-standard, compassionate animal care at Orchard Hills Veterinary Hospital. Let’s hear it for all the veterinary nurses!

Please feel free to pop in anytime and meet the team at Orchard Hills Veterinary Hospital. For more information check out our Facebook, website , Instagram @orchardhillsvethospitalgrooms or call 02 4736 2027.

Article Written + Submitted by: Kellie Tickner from Orchard Hills Veterinary Hospital
A: 49-63 Wentworth Rd, Orchard Hills P: 4736 2027

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