Silverdale Shopping Centre Build Progressing


The building progress of the new Silverdale Shopping Centre is on schedule, with the first stage set to open in March 2024.

The local project will feature 8,500 square metres of retail space, including Woolworths and 27 specialty stores. 468 car parking spaces will be available, featuring 5,000 square metres of basement parking. Buterin L’Estrange is the builder of the commercial project.

Up to 50 people are currently working simultaneously on the shopping centre and it is expected to be completed within one year of the first day of construction. It has been described as the biggest project in the area since the construction of Warragamba Dam.

Silverdale Shopping Centre will feature a great variety of shops such as a takeaway, personal trainer, real estate, delicatessen, post office, café, barber, nail salon, tobacconist, discount shop, medical centre/pharmacy, dentist, phone repair kiosk, food court (6 eateries) and of course, Woolworths.

The underground parking will feature a high roof, giving greater access to bigger vehicles.

A state-of-the-art ‘End of Trip’ Change Facility will be built, giving locals features such as showers to assist with their needs.

Once opened, it is expected that the new shopping centre will accommodate 400 employees, creating jobs for the local community.

Owner Bruno Lopreiato first moved to the area in 1986. He oversaw the building and construction of the first shopping centre in Silverdale.

“We are happy with the progress so far. Growth supports the area. It has been necessary when moving forward”, Bruno told the Mulgoa Valley Gazette.

It has been mixed emotions for Bruno and his family, watching the old shopping centre close to make way for the new one.

“We are sorry that we had to pull down the old centre. We kept it open as long as we could. It had to be done in order to build a bigger and better shopping service for the community, that will employ more locals”, he concluded.

Look out for further updates with the new Silverdale Shopping Centre in the coming months.

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