Corrine Becomes First Female Deputy Captain at Llandilo RFB


History has been made at Llandilo Rural Fire Brigade, with Corrine Wesche becoming the first female Deputy Captain at the local brigade.

Joining Corinne as newly elected Deputy Captains was Thomas Jones and Craig Jones. Their appointment was made on 5th April, and this increases the operational capability to nine field officers at Llandilo.

“I’m truly honoured to not only become a Deputy at Llandilo, also honoured to become the first female DC (Deputy Captain) of Llandilo. They have all been so supportive of me” said Deputy Captain Corrine.

“I believe it was a very special moment for Corrine. Not only has she reached a milestone in her career, but it made it all that more special for her knowing that she has become the Brigades first female Deputy Captain” explained Captain Joshua Gow of Llandilo Rural Fire Brigade to the Jordan Springs Gazette.

Made even more special was the fact that Corrine also celebrated 22 years of service in the Rural Fire Brigade on the day of her appointment. Corrine transferred to Llandilo Rural Fire Brigade from Wentworth Falls Rural Fire Brigade in 2018.

The role of a Deputy Captain within the RFS is typically an all-rounder. Deputy Captains are required to have good operational knowledge and leadership skills, as they are required to oversee a crew during incidents, hazard reductions and other operational requirements. They will also participate in brigade management functions, assisting with training and most importantly mentoring newer members and assisting them achieve their goals.

Llandilo Rural Fire Brigade are currently not accepting new cadets; however, they are seeking more senior members which is anyone over the age of 16. The station is open on Tuesday nights from 7:00pm. If you are interested, please come down and meet the crew.

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