Sew Popular!


The once popular pastime of dressmaking is making a resurgence. The art of making clothes for women and girls is at an all time high, thanks to technology and an interest in hobbies around the home.

Glenmore Park Dressmaker, Joanne Kennair of Kennairy Nest, is excited about its revival.

“It’s definitely becoming more popular. I think there’s been a shift to rediscovering old pastimes largely through social media and online learning platforms. There’s a vast sewing community across the world sharing tips and ideas, instructional videos, and even downloadable patterns so more people are discovering the joy of sewing” said Joanne to the Glenmore Gazette.

“I also think a lot of people are wanting to do things that are constructive at home, especially through lockdown with the kids, and it’s just so easy to get involved nowadays” she added.
Joanne’s own interest in dressmaking began almost 20 years ago, when she started altering her own clothes and repurposing outfits to give them new life.

“The inspiration to take up dressmaking came from losing a close loved one at an early age. I recall wanting to do something special in their memory. The perfect opportunity arose at school. I was drawn to textiles (sewing) and ambitiously took on my first ever project which was to design and create a rag doll and dress. I still have her to this day” explained Joanne.

She learnt the basics at school but was gifted a more advanced second-hand machine and overlocker, with which she got creative through self-learning. The original machines are still in operation in her studio, along with some newer additions.

Joanne encourages anyone wanting to take up dressmaking.

“Absolutely give it a go! You only need a few basics to get started and there are many fun beginner projects for all ages”.

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