Getting Down with Sean and Marley


Local friends Sean Skeels and Marley Whatarau are taking social media by storm, thanks to their hugely popular ‘Get Down with Sean and Marley’ videos.

The pair have amassed an amazing 1.9 million followers on TikTok, including over 25 million likes. They have 125,000 followers on Instagram and their YouTube channel also has nearly 29,000 subscribers.

What makes their feat even more amazing is that they have been making videos together for less than two years.

“The first video they did was a music video, which was released about 18 months ago” said Tammy Horton, Marley’s Mum.

“Initially, they started by having music lessons. This led them to writing a song, then making a music video which was originally going to be just for the family to view” she added.

Sean and Marley met each other in primary school. They were then in a bowling league together, where their special bond and friendship blossomed.

Their videos have been admired by people all around the world. With a fanbase of young and old followers, it’s clear to see why many can’t get enough of their antics in front of the camera.

“They make all sorts of videos. This includes cooking, music, and their special bond.

“Marley and Sean enjoy spending time together and they always have so much fun. They also love to entertain” smiled Tammy.

Such is their popularity, that they have recently taken to Cameo, where fans can now request a personal greeting or message by the duo via video.

“The boys have some big things on the horizon. They are really looking forward to doing some charity work, to inspire people to do their best” she ended.


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