Lucie and Alfie Ready for Big School


Thousands of children across the country will walk through the school gates for the first time this month, beginning their education journey. 5-year-old twins Lucie and Alfie Pritchard are two of those children who be starting Kindergarten at Jordan Springs Public School.

Lucie and Alfie will be joining their older brother, 7-year-old Charlie at the school this year. Younger brother Freddie (3) is yet to start school.

“Both Lucie and Alfie are excited about starting school. Lucie is looking forward to learning how to write and playing with new friends, whilst Alfie is looking forward to riding and walking to school and learning maths” explained Donna Pritchard, Lucie and Alfie’s Mum.

Away from big school, Lucie loves swimming, gymnastics, drawing, writing, barbies and playing mums and dads. Alfie enjoys playing and watching footy (his favourite team is the Penrith Panthers), swimming, maths, Spiderman and playing with his cars and monster trucks.

Even though they haven’t started kindergarten yet, the twins know what they’d like to do when they finish.
“I want to be a mum and a nurse,” said Lucie.
“I want to play for the Penrith Panthers or be a doctor,” said Alfie.

For many parents and carers, that first day of school is filled with mixed emotions as they wave goodbye to their children.

“It’s all a bit overwhelming if I am honest. When Charlie started kindy, it was the beginning of the COVID outbreak, so he hasn’t actually completed a whole year of formal schooling and I am hoping the twins don’t have to go through the same.

“A huge milestone for them both and they are more than ready for school, so I am excited for them, but it saddens me that these two little, tiny premature babies are growing up so fast. I will miss them incredibly, but I will also enjoy a much-needed break while the three older ones are at school and the little one is at preschool/long daycare a few days” Donna replied.

Best of luck to all those students who are beginning and returning to school in the local community this year.

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