Kindy Here We Come!


Thousands of children across the country will walk through the school gates for the first time this month, beginning their education journey. Joining them will be 4-year-old Logan Axisa who will be starting Kindergarten at Warragamba Public School and 5-year-old Paige Hollier who will be at Mulgoa Public School.

Logan will join his older brother Brayden, who is in Year 3 at Warragamba. His younger brother Mason is yet to start school.

Paige too will join her older sister Mia, at Mulgoa.

Logan is already looking forward to starting school and can’t wait.

“He is very much looking forward to being at ‘big’ school with his brother and catching the bus back to after school care” said Teigan Axisa, Logan’s Mum.

Despite not having started Kindergarten yet, Paige has already set her sights on a career with animals when she finishes school.

“Paige loves animals. When she finishes school, she would like to be a Zookeeper” explained Alicia Hollier, Paige’s Mum.

For many parents and carers, that first day of school is filled with mixed emotions as they wave goodbye to their children.

“I will be emotional, but also very proud of Logan” said Teigan.

“As a parent, I will be a little lost to begin with due to Paige being my youngest. For the last few years, we have spent most days together whilst her older sister has been at school. Paige is super excited to go to school and I love seeing the excitement on her face” Alicia answered.

Best of luck to all those students who are beginning and returning to school in the local community this year.

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