School Bell Rings for Jack


Thousands of children across the country will walk through the school gates for the first time this month, beginning their education journey. 5-year-old Jack Worthy is one of those children and he will be starting Kindergarten at Leonay Public School.

Jack will be the second generation of his family to join the school, with Father Daniel attending there from 1989 to 1995 and Uncle Justin from 1992 to 1998.

“Jack is very happy to start big school. He is looking forward to making new friends and learning about space and the moon. He can’t wait to open his lunchbox at recess and lunch to see what Mum and Dad have packed him” smiled Ashlea Worthy, Jack’s Mum.

The energetic youngster, who turns 6 in April, enjoys sport and he is ready to hit the playground.

“He loves to play soccer. Jack started playing in 2021 for Emu Plains Football Club and he will continue to play this season. He enjoys swimming and spending time with his best friend Adele. Oh, and he loves anything Minecraft” said Ashlea.

Despite not having started Kindergarten yet, Jack has already set his sights on a career with animals or with food.
“I want to be a Zookeeper or a Cooker (Chef)” he replied.

For many parents and carers, that first day of school is filled with mixed emotions as they wave goodbye to their children.

“As Jack’s parents, we are excited to see him start this new chapter of his life. I am sure his first day will be very emotional for both my husband and I. Jack is already asking when the school holidays will be over so that he can begin Kindy” Ashlea agreed.

Best of luck to all those students who are beginning and returning to school in the local community this year.

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