School Is In For Audrey


Thousands of children across the country will walk through the school gates for the first time this month, beginning their education journey. 5-year-old Audrey Sargent is one of those children and she will be starting Kindergarten at Bethany Catholic Primary School in Glenmore Park.

Audrey will be joining her older sister, 6-year-old Evelyn at the school this year. Younger brother Thomas (4) will start next year.

“Audrey is ready to start Kindergarten this year. She is looking forward to learning more about Maths and making some new friends” explained Karissa Sargent, Audrey’s Mum.

Away from school, she is a very active girl who loves her sports.

“She loves swimming, soccer, ballet, karate and being adventurous” Karissa said.

Despite not having started Kindergarten yet, Audrey has already set her sights on a career in the medical field.

“I want to be a Nurse to help all the sick people” she replied.

For many parents and carers, that first day of school is filled with mixed emotions as they wave goodbye to their children.

“It will be both exciting and upsetting. It’s a big step to let go of one of your kids you have nurtured and grown with, though it’s exciting to see her start a new adventure and make lifelong friends” agreed Karissa.

Best of luck to all those students who are beginning and returning to school in the local community this year.

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