Big School Here I Come!


Thousands of children across the country will walk through the school gates for the first time this month, beginning their education journey. 5-year-old Arlo Mehmed is one of those children and he will be starting Kindergarten at Barramurra Public School in Oran Park.

Arlo has a younger brother Sullivan (Sulli) who is two and a baby sister Lola and is the first to start big school.

“Arlo is looking forward to starting school and learning about space and doing science experiments. He wants to learn to read stories by himself and make lots of new friends” explained Casey Brennan, Arlo’s Mum to the Oran Park Gazette.

Away from school, he is a very active boy who loves his sports.

“He loves to do BMX, play hockey at Oran Park Hockey Club, do puzzles and train to be a ninja on his monkey bars,” said Casey.

Despite not having started Kindergarten yet, Arlo has already set his sights on what he’ll be doing when he finishes school.

“I want to be a professional BMX rider, a boxer, a ninja, and a scientist” he replied.

For many parents and carers, that first day of school is filled with mixed emotions as they wave goodbye to their children.

“It is exciting for Arlo to be exposed to new and fun things and experiences that will make him grow as a little person, but also a little nerve racking as he is entering a whole new level of independence and growth. We want him to do well, in whatever way that is important to him” agreed Casey.

Best of luck to all those students who are beginning and returning to school in the local community this year.

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