Locals Launch Flood Donation Drive



The impact of the recent floods in New South Wales has been devastating. Many people and families are slowing beginning to survey the damage and rebuild their lives. A local Ropes Crossing business has put their hand up to help those affected by the floods by organising a Flood Donation Drive.

Brittney Anderson and the team at Cherry Bridge Station at Ropes Crossing Plaza are behind the appeal, which has been embraced by both local businesses and members of the community.

“We started the Flood Donation Drive in light of the flood disaster in New South Wales and were saddened to hear how deeply affected many people we knew or knew of that had been impacted by this. As we live near the local Hawkesbury area, some of our staff are from there or have loved ones there. We wanted to contribute to help in any way we could” said Brittney to the Jordan Springs Gazette.

“It began with just staff, where an allocated area was placed in the front foyer of our service which then spread through community awareness on social media pages. Companies reached out as well as members of the community who wanted to donate and since then, we have received heartfelt donations to our service directly each day” Brittney continued.

A donation point has been set up, allowing for essential items to be dropped off and allocated to those in need.

Donations can also be made to the SES in support of their amazing work throughout the disaster.

Local community members can deliver essential items, large or small, to Cherry Bridge Station’s service in Ropes Crossing. You can also place an item in a separate giftbox for the SES crew.

“I believe Drives like this bring the community together to support one another. Tough times bring out strength and resilience in people. As the floods were so close to home, we all felt the devastation of others in one way or another and it’s nice to lend a helping hand to help them get back on their feet” reflected Brittney.

If you would like to help, please call Brittney at Cherry Bridge Station in Ropes Crossing Plaza on 02 9833 9829 or email ropescrossingplaza@cherrybridgestation.com.

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