Young Filmmakers Put Warragamba on the Map


Silverdale students Jacob Digiorgio and Jack Joukador are taking Wollondilly Shire to the masses and have just completed their first short film together, titled Warragamba Life. The young filmmakers entered the film in the 2021 FlickerUp Film Festival, a national school’s competition for primary and secondary school students or those aged 18 years and under.

Warragamba Life follows the life of two boys (Jacob and Jack) who get up to a bit of mischief in their school holidays. In the background, there’s a separate story of how Warragamba Dam goes from record lows to overflowing in a short period of time. Whilst people go about their normal business, the Dam’s capacity changes with the seasons and the weather.

“We wanted to have a go at making a film and entering it into a short film festival. We entered it into the 2021 FlickerUp Film Festival. With entries closed in November last year, we filmed Warragamba Life in September. It took 3 days to film and 2 weeks to edit” explained Jacob Digiorgio to the Mulgoa Valley Gazette.

“Our goal was to make a film where Warragamba was the star of the show. If you watch YouTube, there are a lot of videos and films that people make about themselves. We wanted the whole community to be the stars. Sure, Jack and I are in the film, but the film is not entirely about us. It’s about living an everyday life in our beautiful town of Warragamba” added Jacob.

With their first film now under their belt, do the boys have a plan to make another film?

“We definitely would like to make another film sometime, but not for a while. Making a short film that goes for roughly 20 minutes sounds really easy, right? Wrong. It’s a lot of hard work and takes dedication to do something like what we did together. Making Warragamba Life gives you a different perspective and insight into everyday filmmaking. Doing this takes time, effort, devotion and dedication to make a proper, full length film” said Jacob.

Jacob and Jack’s short film is available now to watch. Search ‘Warragamba Life’ on YouTube.

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