I’m Ready for You Big School!


With 2021 now upon us, many kids around the community will be packing their bags in anticipation for their first day at big school. 5-year-old Lachlan Dalby is amongst one of those who will soon enter the gates and become a Kindergarten student.

Lachlan will be attending Emu Heights Public School this year, joining his older brother who is going into year 4.

“He is looking forward to wearing his new uniform and playing with his new friends. He’s keen to start and can’t wait to learn at school” explained Kristen Dalby, Lachlan’s mother.

Lachlan’s preparation for Kindergarten included attending Kids Place Children’s Centre for 3 days a week last year.

“During that time, he was involved in their transition to school program that has taught him so much independence, resilience and self-regulation. He also attended the two school orientation days at the end of last year” said Kristen.

The active youngster enjoys playing soccer and received the Golden Boot Award last season. Add to this a love of Hot Wheels cars, building Lego, riding bikes, scooters and drawing and you can see that he’s ready for his next challenge ahead.

“I am nervous for Lachlan to start and I know he is more ready than I am! I’m sure there will be tears on his first day and they’ll be from me. We are excited to watch him grow and mature into an intelligent young man. I know that he will be able to learn and thrive in such a great school environment and be offered many opportunities” Kristen replied.

So, what does Lachlan want to be when he grows up and finishes school?

“He would love to be a builder that does handyman work. He loves building and being busy” smiled Kristen.
Best of luck Lachlan and all the children starting and returning to school this year.

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