The Elves Have Landed!


Millions of elves around the world have descended on their new homes for the next month. Whilst there, they will live on the shelves of families, having daily adventures with fun and a little mischief. Importantly, their job is to report back to Santa who has been naughty and nice. The Ciampi household is one family who have welcomed back William the Elf.

“Our Elf is named William and he was given his name by our son Beau. William has been visiting Beau since he was 2 and he’s now 6, so 4 years now. We’ve heard whispers that William’s naughty brother is coming to visit us this year too” said Olivia Ciampi.

This year’s adventures began a little bit different for William the Elf. Due to COVID-19, he arrived in a quarantine bubble, where he will stay for a week. Once he has completed his quarantine, he will only be allowed to travel from the North Pole to home at night, ensuring he stays COVID safe.

William has been cheeky over the last few years. He managed to get a hold of Beau’s underwear before throwing them all over the Christmas tree! Beau’s superheroes took control of the situation the next night by taping William to the window when he tried to sneak one of his chocolates.

“Every morning, Beau leaps out of bed and runs through the house to find where William has settled himself. His favourites are the messy pranks, including when he spilt flour on the floor and made flour angels. Beau talks to him about how his day was. He’s even apologised to William for some naughty behaviour to make sure that Santa got the message” laughed Olivia.

Christmas is also a time for family traditions. The Ciampi’s enjoy nights looking at the local Christmas light displays together, watching Christmas Carols and of course, the music.

“We have Michael Buble on repeat everywhere we go for December” ended Olivia.

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