The Passionate Baker


When you think of artisan bakeries, places like The Rocks, Leichhardt, and Newtown in Sydney spring to mind. Did you know that we have our very own artisan micro-bakery hidden away right here in Ropes Crossing?

The Bradley Street Baker, started by local Anthony Adam, began late last year and it is already proving popular with lovers of sourdough bread.

“I started The Bradley Street Baker only recently. I have been a baker since finishing school in the early 00’s and have always baked some of my own favourites at home. Just before Christmas last year, I had to give up a different pastime, which freed up some weekend time to scale up home baking” said Anthony Adam, head baker.

“I have always wanted to own/run a bakery/cafe, but never had the capital to launch. By creating a micro-bakery, it has allowed us to bake on a manageable scale, and it can fit with the rest of our commitments (or in other words, our day jobs!). You never know, someday we might even be able to take it full scale” added Anthony

The Bradley Street Baker specialises in artisan sourdough breads – consisting of traditional white loaves and baguettes, flavour combinations such as caramelised garlic and olive and parmesan and cracked pepper and two wholesome loaves which are seeds and buckwheat and dark rye.

“Right now, we are working on some sweet products. We’re aiming to introduce a sourdough fruit loaf as well as some sourdough croissants/pastries after Christmas” explained Anthony to the Jordan Springs Gazette.

With the smell of freshly baked bread filling the air, and the smile on Anthony’s face, it’s clear to see his passion for baking shows.

“I enjoy everything about baking my own products. It’s a creative release, really. Whilst satisfying, my industry career has led to less time ‘on tools’. Getting back to basics and making these products by hand, using a traditional slow process re-centres me. I guess you could say it keeps me in touch with my roots” he ended.

You can find the bakery on Facebook or Instagram @thebradleystreetbaker, or by visiting their website at

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