The Men’s Table Launch in Camden


The Men’s Table have launched in Camden, providing a new way to support men in our local community.

They are a charity dedicated to creating a unique environment for men to share openly about their lives and give them a sense of belonging, community, peer support and camaraderie that is lacking for many men, even for those with a close group of friends.

2020 has been a year that no one could have predicted, a year of struggle, isolation, and doubt for many men across Australia. The Men’s Table are here to help.

The Men’s Table had their humble beginnings when 12 men got together for a chat and a bite to eat in 2011. Instantly benefiting from the judgement-free support and the informal way in which they could talk honestly about their lives, and their feelings, they knew they were on to something special.

Fast-forward eight years, and David Pointon and Ben Hughes decided that the formula they had at their Table (MT1) was too powerful to keep to themselves. From the beginning of 2019, 20 Tables have formed around Australia. They are now on a mission to bring The Men’s Table to Aussie blokes in every corner of our country.

It takes just two people willing to meet monthly to start a Table, there is no cost (apart from your food and a drink) and each group is capped at 12 enduring members so that the bonds between the group can grow over time.

We live in a connected world, but increasingly more and more men feel disconnected and segregated. Having heard some life-changing stories of bonding at their Tables, with the challenges related to 2020 they expect that more and more men will need to expand their support network.
95% of men who are part of current Tables said that The Men’s Table was a safe space to share. They are more committed than ever to give as many men as possible the chance to benefit from being part of a Table.

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