A Moment of Beauty


Some photographers can wait a whole lifetime to get ‘that’ shot. It’s what drives them to get behind the lens, in the hope that one day they will capture that moment. For Jordan Springs photographer Cameron Bills, that moment arrived during a spectacular lightning storm earlier this year.

The amazing photo shows mother nature in all her beauty, with bolts of lightning illuminating the night’s sky.

“My brother and I brought out the umbrella, ran out to a point where the foreground wasn’t too crowded, in an attempt to catch a bolt of lightning in the sky. And, that we did” Cameron explained.

Cameron first picked up a camera and took to photography from the age of 10, where he would use his parent’s phones to take photos. He always had an interest in taking photos of where he was or what he was doing.

“That Christmas, I was lucky enough to receive my first DSLR camera and have been taking photos as a main hobby of mine ever since” he said.

“I think what truly inspired me to take up photography was my mother’s memory book, filled with photos of events or important life moments caught on camera. I saw this as a way to look back and really remember the good memories which we seem to otherwise forget” Cameron added.

His favourite subjects to photograph are landscapes, “This makes me venture to areas beyond where I would normally photograph, as I will always search for the perfect photo”.

To view some of the talented local photographer’s work, visit @cmrnblls on Instagram and @cmrncollection on Facebook.


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