Together in Song


Like many in the entertainment industry right now, Jordan Springs musician Steve Head has been unable to perform on stage due to the current coronavirus pandemic. After requests from family and friends from all around the world who follow his singing, Steve decided to bring his music to the people and perform online, via live feeds on Facebook.

His live performances at home have also featured his 6-year-old daughter Michelina, who is delighting in the opportunity to sing with her dad.

Steve has been singing all his life. He never knew that someday he would decide to take it seriously and do something with it, after being encouraged by a friend after a family tragedy saw him withdraw a lot from social activity when he was 25.

“Michelina has been singing since she could stand and talk, but I have never pushed her. I’d rather let her make that decision to hopefully follow the same passion that I have for it. She really looks forward to the live feed performances and it’s a great way to help with her confidence” explained Steve.

Sharing the home stage with her dad has given Michelina the opportunity to perform for everyone, from family in Italy through to friends at school.

“She has already received many positive comments and words of encouragement and we know this is bringing much happiness to others. Michelina is getting her own little fan base” Steve glowed.

At a time when isolation can leave us feeling down, Steve believes that music can help pick us up, “I believe music is healing, especially in times like this as it can help people relive memories. It reminds them of special people in their lives and distracts from the doom and gloom. It can also make them feel that they are not alone and that they can stay connected in a positive way through social media. Music uplifts your mood and we hope these live feeds have people up and dancing at home”.

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