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Kids Are a Work In Progress


A child’s brain develops from the bottom-up. Certain parts of the brain are more active than other parts during a child’s development. They are still developing all of the parts of the brain but there are ‘hot spots’ at certain times in a child’s development. This brain activity has an impact on a child’s behaviour. Some of the things that they find difficult to do or understand, are a result of having a brain that continues to develop right up to the age of 25 years.

There are periods of time where your child does not have the capacity for logic, reasoning, and thinking. There are periods of time where they struggle to control their emotions. There are periods of time where they do not have the capacity to understand that other people have thoughts and feelings of their own. And where they think that the universe revolves around them. These times require lots of understanding and patience. You will still set limits and boundaries but you will expect to repeat yourself many times.

Many of the things that children do can be explained by research into the brain and child development. If your child is having tantrums, seeking attention, and not thinking things through within the normal age ranges for these behaviours, then in a strange way that’s good because they are developing as they should. All of this is happening while they are learning how to integrate their experiences, making sense of their world and their place in it, and learning language and culture.

Kids are a work in progress, which is why parenting is ongoing and ever changing.

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