All Ready for Big School


With 2020 now upon us, it’s almost time for thousands of children across the country to pack their bags, give their parents a big hug and walk through the school gates for the very first time to start Kindergarten. Four-year-old Xavier Foley is getting ready to start at St Gregory’s College Junior School and he can’t wait for big school!
Xavier, who has two brothers Tommy (6) and Lachlan (3), is looking forward to making new friends and playing soccer at lunchtime with his older brother.

“He loves anything to do with animals. He has an encyclopedia knowledge on animals and quite often teaches me things,” said Kymberley Foley, Xavier’s Mum.

“Xavier has been going to childcare, which also runs a preschool program. In addition, after orientation he was given a pack from his school to help prepare him for this year which he has loved” she explained.

It’s no secret that parents have been known to share the same nervous anticipation as their child when they start school. This can be eased if your child is happy and ready to start their journey ahead, just like Xavier. “My heart will burst with how proud I am of him! He is very excited and has shown no nerves or apprehension at this stage, so that definitely makes the transition easier. I think it will be easier the second time round as both Xavier and us as parents know he has a big brother at the school” said Kymberley.

He has already set his sights on a career working with animals when he finishes school, where he hopes to find rare animals and to also save them. Look out David Attenborough!

“Gregory Hills really has a community feel. We are friends with all our neighbours and everyone knows each other at school. I love that Xavier will be starting Kindergarten with a lot of children that he will be graduating Year 12 with and creating lifelong friendships” ended Kymberley.

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