Name Change Update


On 22 November 2019, the formal suburb name change for the Central Precinct of the St Marys Release Area changed from Llandilo to Jordan Springs.

What do I need to do?

The most important thing to do if you are in the expansion area is to make sure that everyone with whom you are in contact is aware of the change. Emergency Services will be formally notified, but it will take a while for other service providers to be informed. Just like when you move house, you have to make sure all those you do business with know your new address.

What area is changing?

The Central Precinct is currently located in the rural suburb of Llandilo, a historic arrangement that existed prior to the development of the release area. The proposed suburb arrangements will result in the expansion of the existing suburb of Jordan Springs to include the Central Precinct, the surrounding areas of open space, and Wianamatta Regional Park.

Has my postcode changed?

Only the name of the suburb you live in has changed. The postcode (2747) stays the same, as do the street names and suburb layout.

Why are the changes being implemented?

The development of the Central Precinct is underway but new suburb arrangements were not settled prior to development commencing. The current arrangement, with no road connecting Llandilo to the Central Precinct, is causing confusion for residents, visitors and the emergency and postal services. It is also affecting property valuations and insurance arrangements. These issues have triggered the need to consider new suburb naming arrangements.

Who is the authority for Suburb Names and Boundaries?

Under the Geographical Names Act 1966, the Geographical Names Board (GNB) is responsible for assigning suburb names, determining their extent and publishing their details in the NSW Government Gazette.
The role of Local Government in suburb naming and boundary changes is to communicate proposals with residents, request submissions and comments, review submissions and provide information for Council elected representatives to make an informed decision. Resolutions of Council are then provided to the Geographical Names Board for them to make a final decision on proposals.

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