Local School Supports Dyslexia Awareness


Students, teachers and staff of Regentville Public School recently took part in CODE REaD Day, a day in which they dressed in red to support Dyslexia Awareness.

A group of passionate families and staff, led by Natalie Bland – Assistant Principal of Regentville Public School, known as the CODE REaD Team, was formed to assist with the day. Their aim was to demystify dyslexia and help deepen the understanding for teachers and families as they acknowledged, supported and empowered all learners.

“The ‘buzz’ in the air was undeniable. The gentle simmer of empowerment spread throughout the day’s events. Of course, there was not one single event that surpassed any other. There was not one moment more important or significant than the rest. The generosity of time and the openness to embrace new learning and a willingness to acknowledge dyslexia, was at the heart of such a successful day” said Natalie Bland.

“I had many conversations with families, students and teachers about their learning, experiences and encouragement for all learners, particularly as a result of CODE REaD at Regentville Public School” added Natalie.

The special day ended with a red paper plane challenge, that was enjoyed by all.

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