Doin’ it for the Firies


Local mum and small business owner Olivia Ciampi recently called on the community to rally around the rural fire brigade during the devastating November fires, resulting in the delivery of much needed water and non-perishable foods to the volunteer fire fighters through donations.

Together with her son Beau, Olivia recently visited Mount Riverview Rural Fire Brigade, where her sister Tracey is a member, to deliver multiple cases of water and foods such as chips and muesli bars that were donated by many members of the local community, including herself.

“My sister, who is a volunteer fire fighter, was recently deployed for 5 days up North to assist with property protection.

Hearing her describe the scary conditions she was facing whilst she was providing help for these people and their property gave me the motivation to arrange a collection of donations from our local community through my business, platterlove and its Facebook page to reach as many people as possible. It may only be water to us, but to them it is absolutely crucial” said Olivia, from Glenmore Park.

Olivia is currently arranging another collection of donations to pass on to the volunteer fire fighters before Christmas, through her business’ Facebook page. The anticipated date for collections and drop off is Sunday 15th December.

“We are so lucky to have so many volunteers, who do not get paid, putting their lives on the line and spending time away from their loved ones to keep us safe. We live in a wonderful community and people really do enjoy being able to give back. I am more than happy to facilitate the logistics of collecting and donating” expressed Olivia.

“I truly believe this local donation appeal will be huge and I know that it is appreciated by our firies” she ended.
For those who would like to get involved with Olivia’s appeal, the items to be donated can include water, juice, chap sticks and non-perishable food items. Visit for more information.

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