Anything is Possible with Stuart


Jordan Springs resident Stuart Brooks has achieved so much in his martial arts career. He currently holds an 8th Degree Red Sash in Hung Su Shaolin Temple Boxing, a 7th Degree in Intsia Bijuga Eagle Boxing (Eagle Claw Kung Fu) and a 3rd Degree in Meke Ni Vala. The one that has eluded him was a black belt in karate, however, after a journey that first began six and a half years ago, he has now attained this.

The martial arts instructor achieved his 1st Dan Black Belt in Budo Ryu Kempo last month and now has 19 Degrees over 4 systems of martial arts.

Attaining his black belt in karate involved a gruelling 7-hour test, covering all aspects of martial arts, including basic techniques, self-defence, 2 person sets, kata (pre-arranged sets), teaching skills and sparring (free fighting).

“Achieving this was a personal milestone as it was a challenge that I set myself after my father passed away. It was sort of like a bucket list thing” said Stuart.

Stuart now hopes to continue his Budo Ryu Kempo journey and would like to work towards a 2nd Dan, as well as passing on his knowledge through his school – Shaolin Martial Arts Centre.

“Age is definitely no barrier. I completed my black belt with two torn ligaments in my knee. It comes down to your mental state. My oldest student is 72 and he is a 6th Degree Red Sash and he started in his 50’s. Remember, it’s your journey, do it at your pace. Martial arts is for everyone” he ended.

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