Rosie Gives Back


Gregory Hills resident Rosie Canty, lives by the motto “if you see a need, then do something about it”. The local mother of two and her family choose various charity campaigns every few months to participate in and have already raised thousands of dollars over the years. Their latest campaign that they have come together for is Share the Dignity’s #itsinthebag Christmas Appeal.

Share the Dignity runs all year round to collect sanitary and hygiene products for impoverished women, teens and new mums. They have local drop off points, such as Woolworths, where you will find boxes where they collect sanitary items throughout the year.

The #itsinthebag Christmas Appeal that Rosie is supporting involves filling up a new or pre-loved handbag with items for donation. She explained that you can make up three bag options, which include a woman bag (sanitary and personal care items), a teen bag (a little more youthful and fun) and a new mum bag (nappies, baby items etc).

“My children and I have put together bags each year since 2016, through their day care or local drop-offs. Now that they’re in big school, we haven’t seen any notices locally, so I decided to help. The Christmas Appeal is particularly important because it’s a time when there are so many people in need. These basic items shouldn’t be forgotten” said Rosie.

Bunnings Warehouse will also be accepting bag donations for Share the Dignity’s #itsinthebag Christmas Appeal from Friday 22nd November to Saturday 7th December 2019.

“It’s very important that our children know how lucky we are, and that to help those less fortunate, is what makes us human! It’s not hard to do at all, because there are so many people in our community who are involved in charities and who are so generous and willing to give, so it makes it really easy” Rosie explained.

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