Paws a While


We have moved to 49 Wentworth Road, Orchard Hills (from 377 Wentworth Road). The same road, the same side of the road, just 3km further down the road. Call us on 4736 2027 if you need directions.

Our new premises are so beautiful with 3m ceilings, double brick throughout, green bull nosed verandahs and lots of open space on the acreage. You will not believe how big the premises are!

Come and check out the off leash dog park. Your dog will have so much fun!

We even have a cat waiting room now, which is separate from the dogs, so your cat will be less stressed.

We can’t wait for you to come and see the new premises.

We look forward to meeting you and your pets at Orchard Hills Veterinary Hospital, and please feel free to pop in anytime and meet the team.

For more information check out our Facebook, website or call 02 4736 2027.

Article Written + Submitted by: Camille Brandt from Orchard Hills Veterinary Hospital
A: 377 Wentworth Rd, Orchard Hills P: 4736 2027

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