Our Local Swim School


Dive In Swim Academy is a family owned business located in Jamisontown and close to Glenmore Park. Established in 2011, Owners Keryn, Brett and their son Dennis are dedicated to water safety and teaching people to learn to swim. The family and team are incredibly customer focused and are committed to creating a family friendly environment where children will thrive in their lessons.

“Finding the right teacher for your child is our superpower and our dedicated team are always looking to provide your family with the best experience” said Keryn.

Being parents of 4 amazing children, Keryn and Brett know all too well what a great juggling act parenthood can be and how unpredictable children can be around water. This knowledge and experience drives them to build not just a swim school, but a supportive inclusive community.

Customers often comment on how much they love that Dive In Swimming Academy isn’t just a swim school, it’s an environment where everyone feels looked after.

The team are motivated to help relieve the pressure and take care of even the fussiest of children, so that parents can have a break with confidence, whilst their child is taking their swimming class. Their care goes beyond a child learning to swim, the team are approachable and always open to discussing the needs of any child. With the warmer weather now in full swing, many backyard pools will become a focus point of home. Nothing can replace adult supervision; however, you can increase skills by participating in regular lessons.

The learn to swim program caters for all ages and the team are flexible and equipped to manage behavioural issues.

They are always working closely with parents to achieve successful outcomes.

Most of the Dive In Swimming Academy families become part of the extended Dive In family and stay for many years.

The team at Dive In are ready and willing to help families with their enquiries, so don’t hesitate to call today.
Dive In Swimming Academy are located at 122 Blaikie Road, Jamisontown. You can contact them on 4733 2840.

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