Dingo Den Discovery Experience


You could be forgiven for thinking you were lost. The residential street conjures imagery of family gatherings and lazy Sunday’s watering gardens. Your only clue is in the driveway; guests seated, waiting to begin their unique experience.

A friend’s story of an experience surrounded by an affectionate and too often misunderstood Australian native prompted you to investigate this little-known sanctuary and book their Discovery Experience; held on the second Saturday of each month.

The morning begins with an introduction by the founder. He opens everyone’s eyes to the plight of our dingo, the cruelties they face and the reasons they are so important within our ecosystem. It is finally time.

As the gates open you are transported to the outback; beautiful Australian flora grows around a dam, native bees buzz and dens are propped up against the sky in a desert style zone. Instantly the dingoes rush to greet you and as you kneel to meet them you are smothered in kisses, all of them eager to investigate and learn who you are; this is their handshake.

Volunteers guide you through the sanctuary, explaining the various zones created within and walking you past enclosures where wild-borns look back at you hesitantly but curiously. As the tour ends, the dingoes are brought on lead to the guests; ready for a peaceful bushwalk. You walk Onyx, a shy but gentle black alpine dingo and upon returning he lets you pat and groom him before re-entering the sanctuary. Your experience finishes with an opportunity to hand feed the pack, they all know how to sit, shake and drop and you get great photos from an experienced photographer. You say goodbye and head back onto the street, the magic of the sanctuary hidden behind those gates.

To see remaining 2019 and upcoming 2020 dates, please visit www.dingoden.net/sanctuary.

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