Boa Constrictor Skin Shed Found


The skin shed from an adult boa constrictor was found by a contractor at a property under construction in Silverdale in Western Sydney on 9 October 2019.

Boa constrictors are prohibited in NSW outside of zoos. They are a serious threat to wildlife and can be dangerous to humans. They can also carry exotic disease which impact native animal populations.

Local residents have been encouraged via a letter and brochure to report any sightings to the NSW Department of Primary Industries.

Biosecurity Officers from Greater Sydney Local Land Services are currently working to locate and capture the animal.
Once located, a licensed snake catcher will be contracted to catch the snake and transport it to a specialist veterinarian.

The snake will be examined to determine where it came from, how long it has been in the area, what it has been eating, whether it’s carrying any diseases of concern and whether it has produced offspring.

If people become aware of unusual animals in the wrong place or suspect illegal activities such as breeding or selling of non-native animals, they are encouraged to make a report to DPI as soon as possible.

Reports can be made using the online form at, by phoning the Animal and Plant Inquiry line on 1800 680244 or emailing

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