Calling all Book Worms!

Do you enjoy reading books? Would you like to join a Book Club?


Local resident Tricia Crane would like to put a call out to her fellow book lovers in the community to come together and form a Book Club in Glenmore Park.

Tricia’s plans are to hold a monthly gathering of like-minded people who love to read, where members have the opportunity to pick and read a new book each month to discuss, whilst making friends in the process.

“I wanted to join a Book Club in Glenmore Park; however, I haven’t been able to find one here. You’ll find them in places like the upper mountains and the inner city. This is when the idea came to me that I should just form one here” said Tricia to the Glenmore Gazette.

Book enthusiasts of all genres are welcome to come together to share their favourite stories. “It doesn’t matter what your taste in reading is. I don’t have a favourite genre so to speak. My interests range from biographies to true crime, fictional crime, recent history and even travel books. Lynda La Plante and Patricia Cornwell are a couple of my favourites. When it comes to comedy, I also enjoy Tom Sharpe and Ben Elton who both appeal to my humour. I guess the question is, where to start?” Tricia smiled.

“The library has been a favourite place of mine since I was a child. I have passed the love of books down to my daughter and grandsons. We get so busy in our lives and there’s nothing quite like some down time to delve into a book to lose yourself for a short time” she ended.

If you are interested in joining the Book Club, you can contact Tricia by email at

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