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Local children’s book author Sarah Palmer has that rare talent of being able to capture a child’s imagination and to take them away to another place in time. With two books, The Great Emu Chase and The Great Camel Race already published, she’s back after a break from writing to share her amazing storytelling once again.

“As an early childhood educator, I read stories every day and shared in the joys and benefits that books bring to young children. I developed a real love for picture books and wanted to contribute myself and leave a legacy for my own children, so they can share my stories with their children in years to come. I also want to inspire children, my own and others, to follow their dreams and believe that they can achieve anything they set their mind to” explained Sarah about why she writes.

The self-published author’s two book series, The Great Emu Chase and The Great Camel Race, are lively, rhyming picture books that involve repetitive patterns and humour. The first book, The Great Emu Chase, takes the reader on an adventure through an Australian wildlife park. Gar, a spritely grandfather, pursues a daring emu who steals his chips and experiences several amusing encounters with other animals along the way, as he tries to get them back.

This book has a fun refrain to keep young children engaged. The Great Camel Race is the second book in the series. Gar takes the ride of his life on the back of the prize-winning camel, Matilda, as he attempts to win the greatest prize of the year. After defeating the other camels through mishap and adventure, it’s the antics of the menacing emu that risk Gar’s chance to win the cup.

Right now, Sarah has another book series that she would love to see published, as well as a single title book.

“Ultimately, I aspire to gain a publishing contract through a traditional publishing company, as self-publishing is very costly, and marketing can be difficult. However, if I am not successful with this, I will move forward with my next book hopefully towards the end of this year. The advantage of self-publishing is that it moves at my pace and I maintain control over the entire process, so the book will look exactly how I want it to look. The first step in the process will be to find a new local illustrator for the project” she said.

Anyone who is interested in purchasing a copy of Sarah’s books, or would like to find out more information, can find her on Facebook at She has recently started a YouTube channel, Sarah Palmer, that has videos of her books being read aloud, as well as book trailers and tips on reading with children.

Sarah is also available to conduct readings of her books at local playgroups, preschools and primary schools.

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