Saving for the Big Day


Local couple Darren Auth and Ellie Toohill have come up with an enterprising way to save up for their wedding and have taken to recycling bottles and cans, putting these funds towards their big day.

Darren proposed to Ellie last year, with the spectacular Warragamba Dam as a backdrop. With the couple cashing in their used bottles and cans, Darren had a lightbulb moment that they could use that money for the wedding.

“After recycling our bottles and cans, I did the figures and thought, what can we save this money for? That’s when we made the decision to save for our special day, 10 cents at a time. It just made sense to save for a wedding.” Darren told the Jordan Springs Gazette.

So far, the couple have saved over $8,000 through recycling and their wedding plans are underway.

“The general community have been very supportive. Our family and friends have also donated lots of bottles and cans. We can’t thank everyone enough and appreciate all the support” Darren explained.

For more information about Darren and Ellie’s journey, search ‘A recycling wedding Sydney’ on Facebook.

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