No Place Like Home


Singer/songwriter Ria Brcic loves the local community, so much so, that her latest single ‘Home By The River’ was inspired by growing up in Camden and her longing to come home.

Home By The River, which has a newly released music video and is available on music streaming and downloading services, is a song that has changed Ria’s life and the way she looks at it.

“Home By The River was written a couple years ago, whilst I was living overseas on student exchange. I was longing to be home which inspired me to write about my home by the river and my town, Camden. By channelling in on my own experience of feeling homesick came appreciation for everything life had offered me. In the midst of tears and laughter came this song and I think the biggest realisation for me after writing it was how lucky I am to have a place to call home” Ria told the Oran Park Gazette.

“Growing up in the local area, there are so many great events that are held every year such as Camden Show, Winterfest, Live and Local and the Jacaranda Festival. These events help bring the community out and encourages everyone to support locals and local talent. When I play gigs here, I definitely feel at home. For me, releasing Home By The River was also something that enabled me to give back to my community and my town Camden” she explained.

Having not come from a musical family, it was a surprise to everyone that Ria had such a deep love for music at such a young age. Since she could speak, she always loved to sing. She began singing lessons at the age of 8, before picking up the guitar only to soon put it back down. When she picked up the guitar for a second time, Ria found a driven willingness that would see her singing and playing songs.

Throughout her time exploring folk/country and bluegrass music, Ria has been influenced by artists and bands such as The Lumineers, Leonard Cohen, First Aid Kit, Linda Ronstadt and Gabrielle Aplin.

“Having drawn influences from such an eclectic range of artists and eras, I think it has truly shaped my music into something that is uniquely my own sound. What I love most about folk/country music typically, is the ability to tell a story in such an angelic way. I really enjoy writing about people, places, history and of course love and contrasted with a great melody and feel, it’s a genre that can create such a range of emotions” she said.

“The past couple of years I have been doing a lot of songwriting and now finally I have a list of songs that I’m really happy with and I would love for them to be heard. Now I’m working on translating these songs into great singles, which really comes down to the production of them. As I work through each song with my producer, I’m finding my own sound even more, which for me is the most important thing. This is all just the beginning for me!” she ended.

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