New Online System Takes Stress Out of Finding a JP


An online Justice of the Peace register has been upgraded to make it easier for people to find a JP when they need one.

“There are over 95,000 JPs covering all corners of the state – yet tracking one down in urgent situations can be challenging” said Attorney General Mark Speakman.

“The revamped register will solve this problem by enabling JPs to include the dates and times they’re available, in addition to their contact details.

“For JPs, it will mean fewer unwanted disruptions, while people who need a document witnessed or certified quickly will no longer have to waste time calling JPs – only to discover they’re on holidays or busy”.

The improved register also assists culturally and linguistically diverse communities, by enabling people to search for a local JP who speaks a particular language.

The new-look register began operating in early 2019.

JPs act as independent and objective witnesses to documents people need for a variety of purposes. Their main functions are to witness affidavits and statutory declarations, and they may also certify copies of original documents.

JPs provide their services on a voluntary basis.
Since the commemorative certificates were introduced in 2012, 2979 Justices of the Peace have been recognised for 50 years of service.

For more information on JPs or to find one in your area, go to

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