Digital Technology at Luddenham Public School



Have you ever stopped and thought about how rapidly technology is changing in our current world? Implementing the new Digital Technologies curriculum into an already busy classroom schedule can be a daunting task. Schools are feeling the stretch with having to purchase the latest tech gadgets and to keep their teachers upskilled in digital literacy to be able to support their students.

In 2019, the students at Luddenham Public School have completed many lessons as part of the Digital Technologies Curriculum, using the expertise of the technology facilitators from Scope It.

K-2 students used Minecraft, Google Slides and Scratch block coding to explore the hardware and software components of digital systems. They learnt about storing data, representing information on digital systems and solving problems using a sequence of steps and decisions (algorithms). Students in Years 3-4 explored how data is transmitted between digital systems. This teaches them how to use sequences and decisions, through algorithms, to develop digital systems. In Years 5-6, students learnt digital systems and networks, as they discover how data is transferred and how to design digital solutions using different forms of software.

Students have very quickly grasped the new technology skills and have applied these skills in the coding lessons.

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