Cameron’s Passion for Wildlife



Harrington Park’s Cameron Constance is not your average wildlife conservationist. The 17-year-old has started Constance Conservation to help raise awareness about local wildlife through education and land management.

“I started Constance Conservation about mid last year and it was really started as a platform to voice a wildlife conservation message and to educate people on not only local wildlife, but wildlife worldwide. The impact of urban development and habitat loss not only within Australia but worldwide ignites my passion for wildlife and motivates me to want to work constantly towards helping and making a difference in wildlife conservation” Cameron told the Oran Park Gazette.

He first became involved with wildlife conservation three years ago, whilst doing volunteer work for Bushcare. From there he was given the chance to speak at a peaceful koala rally, where he met similar people who were doing good work for our local community.

“This inspired me to get involved with conservation locally. I was always out in the bush and learning about wildlife and so I just started contacting organisations to see what I could do to help make a difference, before starting my own path” he said.

With Constance Conservation in its infancy at a grassroots level, Cameron’s vision is to grow it through media and conservation work and to make it into something much bigger, with the aim to run and participate in larger conservation projects in the future.

Locally, some of the places he likes to explore through his wildlife conservation include Georges River Reserve, Freres Crossing, Burragorang, Australian Botanic Gardens and Smiths Creek Reserve.

Although there’s not one particular person that inspires him the most, it’s a range of people like Sir David Attenborough, Steve Irwin as well as people locally fighting hard for our wildlife that motivate him.

“The future for Constance Conservation is very important. I want to make a real difference and showcase just how wonderful and worth saving our wildlife is in Australia. I would love to have Constance Conservation involved with bushland management all over NSW and improve habitat for wildlife. My end goal is that I want to make wildlife documentaries, to reach a larger audience and present them in such a way using my personality to help engage with and educate people all over the world. This has always been a dream of mine from a very young age” ended Cameron.

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