Winter Well-being


As the temperature is set to drop this Winter, it’s time to consider ways to keep warm and stay happy and healthy despite the dreary weather and appeal of staying in bed or on the lounge watching movies all day. With seasonal weight varying from person to person, it is important to be mindful of the food and drink we consume and how many minutes of exercise we get a day, whilst incorporating relaxation or ‘switch-off’ time for our mental well-being.

Firstly, one of the best parts of Winter is the opportunity to make and enjoy delicious home-made vegetable soups.

Not only are they easy to make, but they can be frozen or kept in the fridge for a few days making it a quick and easy go-to meal that you can access instead of heading straight to the take-out menu. If your family prefers meals with a bit of heartiness, adding lentils or chicken to a simple soup recipe can really fill it out whilst still maintaining, or even adding to, the nutritional value.

Keeping active outdoors might not seem like an appealing option when the temperature outside is nearing zero degrees Celsius and we often make excuses (sometime legitimate) as to why we just give it a miss. The great news is that there are lots of indoor fitness activities that we can do, many without requiring much equipment or leaving the house. If you have a treadmill, you can go for a walk or run or if you have hand weights you can do some toning exercises. Sit-ups, crunches, burpees and stretches can all be done in the comfort of your own home with no equipment. If you enjoy Pilates or yoga, there are a plethora of options on YouTube that are free to access. You just need to commit to at least 30 minutes a day.

Of course, downtime is important, and relaxation seems to be the easiest during Winter because it often encourages us to slow down but be wary of what you do whilst relaxing. It is so easy to sit down to watch a movie and next minute you’ve eaten a whole packet of biscuits (surely, we’ve all been there). Try to select healthy snack with the occasional indulgence without going overboard.

Eat in moderation, try to be active and give yourself the time-out you need. Have a wonderful Winter everyone!

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