Wildfire Lighting It Up


The Camden Valley Wildfire are living up to their name, lighting up the basketball court and proving to be one of the strongest clubs in South Western Sydney.

This year, Wildfire has over 800 members in both junior and senior players in domestic competition. Out of this, there are 3 junior development squads that play in regional leagues and tournaments, 10 junior teams competing in the BNSW metro league championships and 2 senior teams that are part of the Waratah League which is the Mens Under 22 ‘youth league’ and Women’s Division 1 team.

With all their teams doing well this season and improving development squads, Wildfire is in good shape for the future.

Adding to this, Camden Valley Wildfire had their first ever national athlete in Jack McWilliams being chosen to represent Australia in the Under 15 FIBA Oceania tournament held in late 2018.

“This year, we are looking forward to success both on and off the court for all our athletes, coaches and supporters.

Seeing Wildfire grow, not only in players but in families that make up the fabric of this great sporting association. With our local competitions flourishing, it gives everyone the opportunity to play the game and for our athletes to improve and compete at higher levels in our representative program” explained Wildfire’s Mathew McKenna.

For more information, contact Wildfire General Manager Mathew McKenna on 0401 503684 regarding their competition schedules, as well as school and holiday camps that are held all year round.

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