Opening Lapstone Hill Tunnel – the Missing Link


Blue Mountains City Council is seeking partnership with the NSW Government to open the Lapstone Hill Tunnel, for use by the public.

Council is asking Hon Melinda Pavey MP, Minister for Water, Property and Housing, to consider investing in the rehabilitation and restoration of the Lapstone Hill Tunnel so that it can be considered for activation and public use, in accordance with the Eastern Scenic Escarpment Master Plan.

Mayor Mark Greenhill said “The Lapstone Hill Tunnel is a significant historic structure within the Eastern Scenic Escarpment, with great potential for adaptive re-use. In particular, re-activation for public use that supports the amenity, economy and liveability of the lower mountains.

“The Eastern Scenic Escarpment Master Plan recognises the value of the site in that regard and contemplates activation for public use, subject to contamination and stabilization issues being resolved by the current owner, the NSW Government.

“Addressing these issues is necessary before the site can be considered for activation and/or transferred into a more active management regime by an appropriate land manager”.

Ward 4 Councillor Brendan Christie, who is working with the Mayor and community groups to advocate for the opening, said the tunnel was the missing link in activating the area for residents and visitors.

“Opening Lapstone Hill Tunnel would connect Glenbrook and Lapstone villages with Leonay and Emu Plains, as well as Penrith’s Great River Walk. It would provide the community with safe access across the area.

“Opening the tunnel is the missing link, in regards to activating the area. The potential is huge in regards to allowing the community to appreciate the tunnel for its history, as well as improving access.

“By working together, we may also be able to boost tourism and our local economy, by providing a unique location for visitors looking for adventure-style activities”.

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