Music for the People


There’s not too many people that follow their dreams from a young age and end up with a career doing something that they love. For successful local musician Luke Koteras, this is a path that has led him right across the country, playing with some of Australia’s top artists as well as an appearance on The Voice Australia in 2014.

“I think my first steps towards being a musician came about because my Nan started to get me guitar lessons at the age of 7, after going to a Tommy Emmanuel concert. I loved being able to take the instrument with me everywhere I went. This was way before it became cool in early high school” Luke said to the Oran Park Gazette.

Koteras’ musical highlights have included playing alongside many of Australia’s top shelf artists, touring and appearing on The Voice Australia five years ago.

“The Voice was a great experience for me. I hadn’t been singing for very long at the time A&R approached me and said that they would like me on the show. It was a daunting experience for me at the time. I’m a lot more comfortable these days behind the microphone. The people I met and the experiences that I had through the show were great though” he explained.

Luke has an exciting year of music ahead. He will be playing a couple of snow gigs in Winter and may do some possible touring with good friend Chris Sebastian, brother of Guy Sebastian. He also hopes to release a country pop music EP in the future.

For now, there’s never been a more important time for the local community to support live music and get behind musicians like Luke.

“Live music I feel affects everyone’s mood differently, but it brings a certain vibe to a venue that you can’t create from a DJ or an iPod. Most of all, it brings life into a town or city. Whether it’s sitting back having a beer and watching some of your favourite artists or actually playing live on stage, music is great for everyone. It doesn’t matter about your culture, belief, age or skin tone. It brings enjoyment to everyone” he concluded.

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