Essential Bodyworks Expands


There’s exciting local business news with Essential Bodyworks now expanding their clinic, which is in Penrith, to add a new clinic in Mulgoa.

Bodyworks also celebrate their 10th Anniversary this year, after starting back in 2009.

Their Mulgoa clinic is a serene, peaceful environment, which allows you to relax. Parking is no issue and there is greater accessibilities for people who are pregnant or with injuries and/or disabilities. They have added some exciting new techniques like Emmett therapy and Chapmans reflexes.

Essential Bodyworks have many products and services to offer. This includes remedial massage, sports massage, pregnancy massage, hot stone massage, relaxation massage, Emmett therapy, Chapmans reflexes, paediatric massage and Psych k.

Massage restores balance in the body and mind by soothing aching muscles, easing tension and de-stressing.

Remedial massage plays an important part in the healing of the body and the muscles. There are different types of massage therapies and a remedial massage provides many benefits beyond a sensation of relaxation.

Remedial massage will involve several techniques such as deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy. Benefits of remedial massage include improved circulation, increased healing, reduced aches and pains, increased mobility and repaired muscle and joint tissue.

Sue is a skilled therapist and will consult with you prior to your chosen treatment, to ensure you choose the most suitable one for your needs.

For more information about Essential Bodyworks, visit Find all their details in the advertisement below!

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