A Lifetime of Yoga


Local Judy Morgan recently celebrated her 80th birthday last month. It was also an amazing milestone for the yoga teacher, who still teaches today at Living Beautifully, that began more than half a century ago.

Judy began learning yoga in Melbourne 60 years ago and began teaching 5 years later. “I was never very good at sport and when I found yoga, I fell in love with the practice of yoga postures, breathing and relaxation. I discovered my flexibility increased, I was able to breathe better, feel more relaxed and generally feel good about myself” she reflected.

In the beginning of her teaching career, it was difficult to buy books on yoga or find ways to increase her knowledge.

The students came to the class to be fit and well and most were women. In the 1970’s, she introduced meditation to her classes for women and men, which became very popular. From the 1960’s, there were very few classes and teachers. Fast forward to now and there are many yoga classes in studios, halls and gyms offering many types of yoga to suit the needs of different people.

So, what has motivated Judy to continue as a yoga teacher all these years later? “My motivation is to be a part of the community we have at Living Beautifully and the joy I experience seeing yoga students becoming successful yoga teachers. Being able to pass on my knowledge and experience to others. Also, being able to follow my passion to practice yoga and meditation and feeling blessed that yoga has given me strength and peace of mind in good and not so good times over the last 60 years” she said.

With a lifetime of yoga, Judy explained some of her favourite memories, “In the 1970’s, I lived in Townsville and travelled to different places in Queensland lecturing and teaching. I’d fly to Hughenden out west, every two months teaching children in the day and adults in the night and leaving class plans for them to go on with until my next visit two months later. They were always so warm, generous and appreciated my visits. Going to Seattle in the US for six weeks as guest lecturer and teacher to a new yoga group was great. And of course, how could I forget my 80th birthday celebration in April this year. It was given to me by Living Beautifully yoga teachers, Sari, Jodie, Renee and Viki and the Bhakti Dharsan yoga band from the Blue Mountains”.

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