Something to Cluck About


When you think of popular children’s book authors, names like Roald Dahl, R.L Stine, Andy Griffiths and Aaron Blabey come to mind. Local children’s author and mother Amelia McInerney may very well make that list one day, thanks to her first book The Book Chook, which was released and launched at Café 2773 in Glenbrook last month.

“Four and a half years ago, I had a ‘light bulb moment’ just after my third child was born; that I wanted to write picture books! I slowly began learning about writing by trawling the internet and reading books on writing for kids. My eldest was six at the time, so I had been reading picture books for that many years, and I loved them” Amelia told the Emu and Leonay Gazette.

With four more separate picture books coming out this year and next, The Book Chook is the first book that Amelia wrote and was illustrated by Connah Brecon and published by Scholastic.

The Book Chook is about a chicken having an existential crisis in a picture book. It’s a funny, rhyming story about a panicky but lovable chicken called Ray, who freaks out when he discovers that he’s not actually a real chicken, but just a drawing of one in the book. The themes within the book are being true to yourself, belonging, and home.

Amelia’s next book Bad Crab will be out in July. It was illustrated by Philip Bunting, who did CBCA Picture Book of the Year Honour book, Mopoke. Her agent has just submitted two more finished picture books and she is currently working on a junior fiction series for 7/10-year olds.

“I love everything about writing kids’ books. The thrill of getting a new idea, and then working from start to finish and seeing where the story goes. I don’t plan my books out, I just start writing them. I love writing in rhyme. Launching my first book was exciting, and I’ve started visiting schools and preschools. It’s so fun to read to the kids and talk with them about writing. I love making fun books for kids (and their parents and teachers!) to read” ended Amelia.

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