First Foot Forward Incursion at Luddenham Public School


Last month, a team from Western Sydney University visited Luddenham Public School to introduce students to the world of future learning.

The program encouraged Stage 3 students (Years 5 and 6) to think about goals and opportunities for learning beyond secondary school. The activities were both educational and fun, with the aim of informing students about what university can offer, and how they can go on to study subjects which interest them.

During the visit, Luddenham students spent time learning Spanish using headphones. They also used investigation skills, assessing evidence such as fingerprints in order to solve forensic problems.

Teacher, Ms Fay Mantas, said “The students were really engaged. Activities included an outline of the seven stepping stones of life. The students were able to see that they have already nearly completed primary school, and they were encouraged to think about the future steps”.

Luddenham Public School received positive feedback from the Western Sydney University team, who commented that Luddenham students had displayed focus, perseverance and respectful behaviours in undertaking all activities.

Later in the year, students will visit a Western Sydney University Campus to take part in another program in a fun and friendly environment. In Term 4, the students’ participation will be recognised, and they will be congratulated on their journey with the First Foot Forward program.

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