Elsa is Hitting them for Six!


Local teenage student Elsa Hunter has the cricketing world at her feet, having just returned from overseas representing the Malaysian Women’s T20 Cricket Team in the World Cup qualifiers recently.

The talented cricketer, who plays club cricket for Emu Plains and grade cricket for Parramatta, was selected to play in the Malaysian Women’s T20 Cricket Team at the age of just 13.

“The Chief Operating Officer of Malaysian Cricket saw Elsa’s cricket stats and contacted me in December last year about getting a video of her. She was asked to trial in Kuala Lumpur before a T20 tournament in Thailand in January. After the tournament, we were asked if we would allow her to play in the World Cup qualifiers in February, whilst Elsa was still 13 years old” said Jim Hunter, Elsa’s father, to the Emu and Leonay Gazette.

When asked what the highlights were from her World Cup qualifier T20 matches, Elsa smiled and said, “Scoring 42 not out to win the game again Kuwait was good. I enjoyed the team environment with the girls in the team as well as meeting and making friends from other countries”.

“Elsa has met girls from other countries that she would never meet thanks to her opportunities in cricket. She has played against Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Nepal, Bhutan, Indonesia, UAE and Kuwait” added Jim.

The schedule for the Malaysian T20 team has not been decided yet, however it will have to fit with her school commitments. She would love to help Malaysia climb the world rankings and enthuse other girls that anything is possible if you try your best.

“My end goal is to play for NSW and Australia” she said.

“We are very proud of Elsa as a person and amazed at her natural ability to adapt to cricket at such a high level so young. It is great to see the pride in her from her family living in Malaysia” ended Jim.

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