Dee’s Dream


Since the Glenmore Park Dog Park opened recently, the community have embraced the open space to bring their beloved pooches to run around, play and socialise with other furry friends. The popular facility began as a vision from local resident Dee Kerr, who lobbied for years to make the dream a reality.

“The idea to have a dog park in Glenmore Park began about 4 years ago. I started my own Facebook page to reach out to the local community for people’s opinions. I also approached the parks section of Penrith City Council as well as people like John Thain, Emma Husar, Sue Day, Karen McKeown and Andrew Robinson” explained Dee about her campaign.

Dee has since visited the Glenmore Park Dog Park, located on Saddler Way, and was proud to watch the project come to life.

“It felt very surreal that my hard work had finally paid off and I cried with joy when the dog park opened. It’s great to see that there are separate sections for both large and small dogs as well as parking for cars, making it a nice place for all to enjoy” Dee told the Glenmore Gazette.

“All dogs need a safe place to run around and enjoy, instead of being locked away in their backyards 24/7. This gives them great socialisation and brings the community together as a whole in a local environment” she continued.

Thank you, Dee, and to the local community who got behind to support the Glenmore Park Dog Park to make it happen.

“The community spirit is what I have enjoyed most about living here. Everyone helps each other out” ended Dee.

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