Annette’s Amazing Transformation


For many years, Glenmore Park resident Annette Weir was tired of being the spectator and sitting on the sideline, watching her life go by. The local mother and grandmother knew it was time to get her life back on track and to lead a healthy lifestyle. Losing just over 50kg, Annette is a new person.

“The program that I used for my weight loss was a gut health program called Phatt (Putting Health At The Top). I lost over 50kg in 10 months and have been maintaining it on the program ever since. I was inspired to join the program because I was obviously very unhealthy, and I was restricted in what I could do in life. I found that I was sitting on the sideline watching my life go by and that I was missing out on doing so many things with my children and grandchildren. As each day passed, it was time lost, time that I would never get back.

So, after watching the success of others on the program, I decided to join and enjoyed my own success” stated Annette.

Since losing her weight, Annette’s general health is much better. She has been able to reduce and stop some medications that she was taking daily. Annette has returned to activities like riding horses, that she has not been able to do for over 30 years.

“For the future, I look forward to being active and staying active. I look forward to being able to join in more activities with my children and grandchildren. Moreover, I look forward to never going back to the life I had when I was overweight and never again spending my days spectating as time passes by” she said.

Annette now has a new-found confidence to go out in public. Since starting the program, she has more energy and no longer feels tired and lethargic all the time. This, she explains, has been the key change in her life. There have already been times where Annette has caught up with family she hasn’t seen for a while and they haven’t even recognised her!

“My advice for people is not to sit on the fence any longer. You can be the person you want to be if you just take a chance! Don’t waste your days being unhappy and tired, set a goal and go for it. Don’t be the spectator, get in there and change your life. With Phatt on your side, it really is so easy to do. Between my husband, my daughters and myself, we have lost over 100kgs thanks to Phatt” Annette explained.

If you would like Annette to help you on your journey, you can contact her at

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